Online Programs

These 8 week programs will deepen your understanding of your baby or child's behaviour and their emotional needs, which is the key to improving sleep, aggressive behaviour, sibling rivalry, picky eating, tantrums, anxieties and more.

Help Your Child With Their Emotions and See Their Behaviour Improve

Perfect if you have children aged 1 - 8 years old

Understand your baby's emotional needs, create a strong parenting foundation & get more sleep!  

Personalised Support 

You don't need to try to figure this all out on your own.  Receive the support you & your family deserves to turn common parenting issues around, using connection & fun.  

Working with me will give you:

  • the understanding of what's really going on for your child that's driving their behaviour
  • clear, respectful & effective strategies to help your child
  • empathic support to help you explore your triggers and move through them so you can be the mum you want to be, for more of the time

Receive the support your need, on the phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime

3 Session Pack includes messenger support

Self-Study Options

End the bedtime battles and help your child sleep better, without bribes or leaving them on their own.

Perfect if your child is aged 1 - 8 years old

- 4 Part Video Series

Help your child transform their aggressive behaviour by getting to the heart of what's going on for them emotionally.

Perfect if your child is aged 1 - 8 years old

- 4 Part Video Series

Help your child overcome anxieties and common school issues using play

Perfect for your Primary School child

- 10 Part Video Series