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You don't need to struggle on your own any more.

Parenting is tough.  It's relentless, sometimes boring, demanding and incredibly important.  

Which is why we all need support to do it well.  Especially when your child is struggling with anxiety, or they're being challenging with aggressive behaviour, poor sleep, sibling fighting, school refusal, etc, etc. 

So whether you want strategies and guidance, or you know what to do but are finding it hard to put it into practice, I'm here to guide and support you throughout

I went through 5 therapists, before I found my Guardian Angel who goes by the name of Helena

nathalie - teacher & mum of 2

Helena was the first of any to understand my parenting problems weren’t with my children but with me. I wanted to heal, not alter my children’s behaviour. 

Helena was willing to meet me where I felt most comfortable.  Before starting with her I was terrified to speak honestly about my experience in fear of being deemed a bad parent. Helena’s allowed me to be exactly as I want and need with absolutely no judgment.  This is what every mother NEEDS.  It’s an absolute essential part of parenting, to have that friend, that listener, to be able to vent and let off steam. 

Partnered with her spectacular listening skills are her guidance skills for navigating this sensitive game of parenting.  She’s lead me through big and small problems with patience, compassion, love and perspective.  

1:1 Mentoring 

Receive personalised, compassionate support for a single session, or dive deeper for 3 months.  

In a session with me, I will give you strategies to help your children, as well as the opportunity to dive deeper within your own emotions so that you can work on what's feeling hard - from past hurts or current stresses - in order for you to connect more deeply with your children.

The more you can dive into those parts you find difficult, you'll lighter, happier and more confident you'll become to be able to help your children with whatever they're their behaving or finding hard.

Doing the inner work, as well as receiving advice, is the game changer in your parenting.  

Sp whether you want personalised guidance on how to best help your family, or you know what to do but are finding it hard to put it into practice, I'm here to guide and support you throughout.

Be the mum you want to be and see your family thrive!

I have experienced remarkable progress in various aspects of my life

Expressing the transformative impact Helena has had on me is a challenge in itself.  While my initial goal was to establish a stronger bond with my son, Helena managed to unlock something within me. She created a safe and non-judgmental space, offering profound compassion and empathy. This skill of hers is truly remarkable.

Since beginning my journey with Helena, I have experienced remarkable progress in various aspects of my life. I have developed a deeper connection with both of my children, reevaluated my desires and aspirations, and gained a newfound awareness about many aspects of my life. The growth I have witnessed has been nothing short of remarkable.

Helena has been such a great support and really assisted me in opening up the gates to develop and build on a beautiful connection with my children through AwP and the power of play with kids! 

Sam, Digital Marketing Manager & Mum of 2

Single session



  • Online Session via Zoom
  • Empathy, compassion & deep listening 
  • Practical, personalised strategies to help you with your child

3 month - weekly SESSIONS

Side by Side Parenting Support



/ month

or $1,995 pay in full

  • 12 x Weekly Sessions
  • WhatsApp Messenger support 
  • In-depth questionnaire
  • Empathy, compassion & deep listening
  • Practical, personalised strategies to help you with your child
  • Ongoing, personalised support, diving even deeper into your triggers and challenges


We found Helena and she saved us

When our family increased from 3 to 4 our toddler had a really hard time and started to take it out on the baby.

For about 6 months it was a nightmare of aggression and acting out and with us not knowing how to handle it. I was yelling and shaming and excluding my toddler because I didn’t know what else to do. Then I was hating myself for it as I knew it was not how I wanted to parent.

A friend got me onto Aware Parenting but even hearing the podcasts and reading material just wasn’t enough.

We found Helena Mooney and she saved us. With fortnightly video mentoring sessions she really helped me to understand that it was about my connection.

She taught us how important play is in parenting and connecting with our kids. She was gentle and supportive and let me cry. She answered any questions we had and always had great suggestions of how we could change to help our struggling son.

I used to dread my husband leaving each day and now we have so much fun as a family.

Michelle  Therapist 

Helena has helped me through what seemed like impossible parenting situations 

I’m so grateful to have Helena as a parent support for myself and my family.  

Helena lets me know I’m not alone, that my parenting struggles, my kids, and I are all normal.  She helps ground me by providing a safe place where I can off load all of my fear, frustration, and exhaustion. 

This way I come to parenting lighter and more flexible. Helena also provides knowledge to explain my children’s sometimes confusing behaviours.

I’m so grateful to have Helena in my life. She helps me be the mom I want to be.

Highly, highly recommend working with Helena.  She literally changed my life with my son.  

I started working with her when he was around 3.  He is now 14!  

I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me.

Gemma  Primary School Teacher

Your session had such an impact on my nervous system. I kept doing what you suggested and things have just turned around!  

Just wanted to give you an update since our last session. My daughter is in much better spirits.  Amazing!

Not sure how I have lived without your coaching, honestly. THANK YOU!!!

Sherin Manager

Online Programs

These 8 week programs will deepen your understanding of your baby or child's behaviour and their emotional needs, which is the key to improving sleep, aggressive behaviour, sibling rivalry, picky eating, tantrums, anxieties and more.

Help Your Child With Their Emotions and See Their Behaviour Improve

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