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3 Month Women's Listening Circle Membership

Join us (Helena Mooney, Claire Hickson & Gemma Keane) and be held in a nurturing space of safety, away from the noise of the world, giving yourself the gift of this time for yourself.

You are enough.

You deserve time and space to nourish yourself, to be held and nurtured as you connect with your heart; to share your truth and be heard, to be acknowledged for the wondrous, beautiful, creative, wise, magnificent woman that you are. 

3 Months Together In Circle

We invite you to join our circles - a place for sharing, listening, connecting, stillness, self-expression, and tapping into wisdom - your own and that of other women. 

Nourish Yourself

In this Covid world, there's never been a more important time to pause, reflect and nourish yourself.  

Gain Clarity About What You Want

Each circle will have a different theme to help you tap into what you really want and setting your intentions for how you will be able to obtain it.

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Be Deeply Heard & Supported

Be deeply heard as you share what's going on for you.  Receive the support from the other women in the circle.

Create Your Tribe

You'll be connecting with other like-minded women in a sacred space over the next 3 months.

More than ever, now is the time to come home to yourself.”


6.30 - 8am, Saturday 16 October

6.30 - 8am, Saturday 30 October

6.30 - 8am, Saturday 13 November

6.30 - 8am, Saturday 27 November

6.30 - 8am, Saturday 11 December

6.30 - 8am, Tuesday 21 December (a special Summer Solstice and Christmas one)

What you'll need

We'll meet on Zoom and all you need to bring are:

- a pen and paper

- a candle to light

- a crystal (if you have one)

- Oracle cards (if you have any)

What Others Say

About Gemma


Gemma is such a warm and gentle teacher. She really listens and understands. I have never felt judged in anyway. I have been able to share things I never thought I could tell anyone, and it was always met with warmth, compassion and understanding.  


About Claire


Claire is so warm and wise and exudes wisdom and compassion.  She has helped me navigate many challenges in my life by deeply listening to me and providing me with her insight.  I'm so grateful to her. 


About Helena


I went through 5 therapists, before I found my Guardian Angel who goes by the name of Helena.  Partnered with her spectacular listening skills are her guidance skills.  She's led me through big and small problems with patience, compassion, love and perspective.


Helena, Gemma & Claire 

We've been running Women's Circles together for over 6 years and have each benefited from the opportunity to be with other women, share our experiences and receive the wisdom and insight from others in the circle.  

And now we're excited to extend this opportunity to you too.

Limited Spots Available