The Power of Special Time

Your child is whining, you’ve got a million jobs to do, and you need to leave the house soon.  

How can you get it all done?

Welcome to the power of Special Time!      

Special Time is a way to give your child the attention he needs in an intense burst that will enable you to do what you have to do, and for the day run more smoothly.

So how do you do it?


Decide the amount of time you have and set a timer – it can be 5 minutes or 50 – however long you can spare.

Using the timer means that your child knows they have you exclusively for that duration.

And you know, you only have to play babies, dress up as a dinosaur, or whatever it is (again!), for just that amount of time!


Because most of the time us parents are in charge, Special Time empowers your child to be completely in control for a while.

Go along with whatever they want to do, don’t teach or suggest what to do.  This is your child’s special time.


Actively delight in whatever your child is doing.  NO checking your phone, tidying up or zoning out. Your child will drink in all the attention you’re giving them – filling up their ‘emotional cup’ which will sustain them over the coming day.

It’s ideal to do Special Time on a daily basis or at least a couple of times a week.  You’re meeting your child’s very real need for connection with you which is a gorgeous opportunity for you both.


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