Transform your everyday toddler parenting challenges

Feel Confident as a Parent Again

Understand what's REALLY going on for your toddler and learn how to respond to them respectfully & effectively.

Discover how PLAY & CONNECTION are the secret ingredients to transforming your everyday parenting challenges 

Yes, parenting a toddler can be hard.   But when you learn these strategies & gain the understanding of what's going on in their brain, things become much more simple & much more fun.  


Follow a Proven Process

Take out the guesswork and discover the approach used by thousands of parents around the world

Learn from Real Life Examples

Detailed action plans for how to deal with common problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, sharing, sleep, etc 

Discover the power of PLAY

Laughter is one of the best ways to help your toddler with their emotions.  Learn from 40+ games in the Play Vault.

Create a Strong Foundation

From toddlers to tweens, this approach will guide you as your child grows & the challenges change.  

Toddlers Can Test You to the Max

I bet there are many things you vowed you'd never do as a parent.  And I bet you've ended up doing many of them!

Toddlers can be gorgeous, inquisitive & funny.  But they can also be exhausting, unpredictable and cry over seemingly inconsequential things.  

They test you to the limit and it's easy to doubt yourself and whether you're just doing everything wrong.

The good news is that we ALL stuff up - regularly!  

But things are easier when you have clear, respectful strategies to use.

Because their behaviour becomes easier to understand when you've learned what's going on in their brains.

Their behaviour becomes easier to manage, when you understand what they're really needing.

And your behaviour becomes more aligned with how you want to parent, when you get the tools & support you deserve.  

Join THRIVING TODDLERS today from just $69! 

Get 6 weeks of coaching, strategies, information, how-to videos, 40+ games ideas and support to help you, your family & your toddler to THRIVE.

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What parents are saying:

I was at my wits' end with my 3 yr olds tantrums and exhausting behaviour. 

Now, from doing Helena's course I really understand why tantrums happen and not only that, but I've also learned how to 'be' with my son in these moments. 

Helena's approach is practical, honest and nurturing.


It was empowering, life changing and has dramatically improved my relationship with my boys 

I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with my boys - so the new way of looking at our relationships and dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'.

Their behaviour is much better.  I am still learning... but feeling much more in control of my emotions and have strategies that are practical and easy to put into my day." 


If Your Toddler

- hits or bites another children

- takes AGES to go to sleep and wakes frequently throughout the night

- refuses to share their toys

- only eats a few certain foods 

- is struggling with a new baby sibling

- tantrums over seemingly ridiculous things

- whines (a lot!)

- refuses to do basic things likes change clothes, clean teeth, get into the car seat

then you're in the right place!

The best way to transform challenging behaviour is through the behaviour.  Distracting, constantly explaining or avoiding the issue isn't going to help your child or bring about the necessary change.

And whilst some behaviours automatically improve with age, many don't - they can actually get worse & harder to deal with.

The fact that you're here, reading this page, means you're so close to making the changes - many of which are simple & fun - to make a significant difference to your family now & in the future.

You don't need to figure this out on your own & you deserve the support. 

So What Will You Receive?

Over 6 weeks, you'll receive detailed, relatable explanations of what's really going on for your toddler & you, solutions to common scenarios, access to a play vault full of helpful games ideas & support to help you reframe & navigate challenging situations. 

You'll finish feeling much more confident and able to help your toddler & your family navigate your everyday parenting challenges.

Here's what we'll cover each week:

  1. 1
    Connection & Play
    Connection is the "Super Protective Factor" in the teen years.  Learn about the brain, your child's 4 key emotional needs and about how connection & play transforms, reduces & prevents challenging behaviour from toddlers all the way through to tweens. 
  2. 2
    Tears & Tantrums
    By the end of this week, you'll understand how to best handle your toddler's big emotions and learn the revolutionary key to setting limits effectively & respectfully.
  3. 3
    Sleep, Aggression, Separation Anxiety
    The first of our 4 implementation weeks where you use all of the strategies to tackle a particular issue.  This week we cover the 3 main ones, to make bedtimes easier & reduce night wakings, address aggressive behaviour & help your toddler with separation anxiety at day care, preschool or elsewhere.
  4. 4
    Thumb Sucking, Breastfeeding, Sharing
    If your toddler sucks their thumb or constantly wants boob when they're upset, it's not ultimately helping them with their emotions (or you, if you're feeling touched out).  Learn how to help your toddler reduce the need for these activities, without maintaining your breastfeeding relationship.  Plus learn the simple yet highly effective strategy around toys, turn taking & sharing.
  5. 5
    Siblings, Fussy Eating & Screens
    It can be so hard to help your toddler with the arrival of a new baby.  Learn what you can do to help make the adjustment so much easier.  Plus, how to transform meal times with play and help your child to get off screens when you need them to.   
  6. 6
    Anxieties, Name Calling, Potty Training & More
    Learn how to best help your toddler when they are anxious or fearful of something.  Plus, how to reduce rude words & name calling.  How to help your toddler with any emotional issues around potty training and medical procedures.

Plus Each Week You'll Receive

New playful games will be released each week 

1 hour Facebook Live coaching each week, in addition to unlimited access to me in our Private Facebook Group

Get to the heart of why you react the way you do so you can shift more into the calm, playful parent you want to be most of the time.



In addition to our weekly Facebook Live Calls, we will meet up on Zoom twice throughout the course so you can talk more freely about what's going and gain direct access to me and the other members of the course.


See the strategies in action by watching me in videos with my son.  You'll see me set limits, listen to tantrums and help him with challenges when he was a toddler.


When our 6 weeks are up, not only will you be able to keep access the course, but you'll have a booklet you can download containing all the games, so you can refer to them at any time. 

To say this approach is life-changing, is no exaggeration.

About Helena  

When my daughter was starting to become a toddler, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed.  Bedtimes were hard, she was constantly waking, she cried a lot and then she started hitting me.

I didn't understand why things were going so 'wrong' because I thought I was doing everything 'right'.

We were co-sleeping, I was breastfeeding on demand, I carried her a lot in the sling, I patiently gave rational explanations of why she couldn't do certain things, I was responsive when she was upset and did everything I could to stop her from crying.

But her behaviour got worse and I found myself getting so frustrated, doubting myself and not having a clue what to do!

And then I discovered Aware Parenting and Parenting by Connection.  

Ah the relief.

I suddenly could see how what I thought I was doing 'right' wasn't always helping.  I could understand how my own emotions and experiences as a child were leading me to respond harshly when I intellectually wanted to be gentle.  

Things shifted.   Emily started to sleep better and the hitting reduced.  Most importantly, I felt confident again.  I wasn't blindly figuring things out on my own, or with friends who were similarly struggling.

Fast forward to today: Emily is now a tween and the same principles I learned then, apply now.  I've also used them straight from birth with my son, George, who's now 4.  

I also trained to become an Aware Parenting Instructor and as a Parenting by Connection Instructor.  So now I get to help parents just like you, who are struggling with their own children.  

Join me to help shift the challenges in your parenting too.

You Don't Have To Figure It Out On Your Own

I just wanted to say a huge, big, thank you.   I have loved the course - it was exactly what I was looking for. 

The change in me as a parent has been positive and the change in my son has been amazing.  That amazing connection is such a gift and the best present I could give him so money very well spent.


I count my blessings I found this when I did otherwise I'm not sure how I would be coping today.'

I have since researched more on this style of parenting and absolutely love it! From the bonding perspective, psychological perspective and both the physical and emotional perspectives. 


I started the course because of sleep and continued it because it changed the way I saw my baby’s emotions.

I learned that sleep is just a symptom. 

I connected more with him, I enjoyed him more, I connected more with myself and my partner and yes, better sleep followed pretty quickly.”  


The Best Time to Start Getting Parenting Help is Now!

Now's the time to choose.  

  • You can continue to struggle, try to figure things out from various Facebook posts & wonder if what you're doing is helpful. 
  • OR you can take the next step in using proven strategies to transform your toddler's challenging behaviour whilst stengthening your connection.

Over 6 weeks you'll create a strong foundation for your toddler & your family which will be invaluable as your toddler grows up.  

No more guessing or despairing.  Instead, lots of play, connection & confidence!


30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.  If you don't see any results after 30 days of the course & participating in the training calls, just let us know, send through your completed worksheets and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Helena Mooney

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