Separation Anxiety Masterclass – Paid

Transform drop-offs and help your child with Separation Anxiety

It's just the worst, isn't it, when your child is clinging desperately to you, begging you not to go.

When they're crying & the (lovely) teacher or educator is holding onto them so you can leave.

When you can hear them calling out for you as you walk away.

It's even worse when you just don't know what to do.

But there ARE things you can do that will make drop-offs & separation SO much better.

- Learn tangible strategies to help your child be happier at drop off AND be more confident and resilient when they are away from you

- Discover simple, fun, high effective games to play together

- Understand how to help your child when they are upset

- Learn strategies to do both at home and at the point of drop-off to make separation easier

Leave feeling empowered, confident and armed with awesome strategies to implement straight away