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Find out how to help your child be more responsive & cooperative when you ask them to turn the device off

Feel more confident in knowing what really works to reduce conflict, increase respect and create more harmony within your family around this modern challenge.

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Being a parent is tough at the best of times.  But today, we have the additional pressures of screens, social media & online dangers to deal with which our parents never had to manage.  

It's really hard to keep up with everything - to police what your child's watching & doing online, and constantly negotiate (argh!) about when, what & how long they can be on screens.  

Plus, it's really common to feel guilty when you let your child watch the tablet, TV or phone for "too long" simply because you need to get things done.

It's EXHAUSTING, isn't it?!

And you're probably also really worried about the future, and how you're going to manage when your child becomes a teenager.

Most parents think that they need to be really strict about imposing rules & schedules around screens and that they need to constantly fight against the onslaught of digital technology.  

But the truth is, the real issue has less to do with screens than you may think.  

Instead, it's about what's going on for your child that's leading them to whine, complain & fight you so much about this issue.  By focusing on your relationship with your child and their emotional state, your digital problems start to go away.

In this online masterclass you will discover an approach that will not only help you now, but will also lay a strong foundation for the future.  


Mum to 11 year old boy & 6 year old girl

"I was having trouble getting my son off the screen, and it always ended in a lot of fighting and yelling.  

Both Gemma & Helena are very knowledgable and wise women.  They have provided such wonderful support. 

After putting into practice all that they suggested my relationship with my son has really improved. We are laughing a lot more and he is now more willing to get off the devices when I ask."

As much as you'd probably like it to, technology ISN'T going to go away. 

It's in your kids' schools, their social life revolves around it, as does their entertainment.  So sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problems will all magically go away, isn't a good strategy (believe me, I've tried!!).  

And as your child gets older, the challenge doesn't "too shall pass".  Instead, the arguments grow and the issue becomes more fraught with arguments, tantrums & frustrations.  Especially when your child hits the tween & teen years.

But, the good news is that you CAN turn things around!  And that's what this Masterclass is all about. 

Discover practical, respectful & effective ways to
STOP fighting over Screens!

You'll learn:

  • Why Rewards, Time Outs & 'Consequences' aren't helpful
  • How to set limits respectfully & effectively
  • How to prevent & best deal with 'techno tantrums'
  • The best way to help your child want to cooperate
  • How to best manage your own reactions in stressful situations
  • Why you can relax and not worry so much about screens
  • Ways to make family life with screens so much easier

This Masterclass is perfect if your child is aged between 2 - 9 years.

About Helena Mooney

I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and Aware Parenting Instructor with over 12 years experience.  I love supporting parents, just like you, to transform those everyday challenges we all need to deal with, in respectful, practical and effective ways.

I love incorporating play as part of the solution and have seen the powerful effects this has had for many parents on a wide range of issues.  

I'm also mum to a 12 year old girl & 6 year old boy, so am very familiar with the ongoing demands for screens!  Without this approach, I'd have been a much more overwhelmed & shouty mum.  So I'm really pleased to have discovered it (as are my children!) and I'm excited to bring this to you & your family too. 

About Gemma Keane

I'm a single mum to my 12 year old boy, and am a qualified Primary School Teacher. I run parent and baby development classes and in 2020 I joined Helena in running The Lockdown Parenting Club supporting mums during the pandemic.

I've practised Aware Parenting for over 8 years and it's changed my life and relationship with my son in the best possible way. 

I'm so passionate about supporting parents raise their children with heart-felt connection, and I have lots of experience in helping my son with screens.



Mum to 4 & 6 year old boys

"I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with my boys - so the new way of looking at our relationships and dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'.  

Working with Helena has dramatically improved my relationship with my boys and their behaviour is much better."

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+ Lifetime access to the masterclass