Online Aware Parenting Workshop
with Chiara Rossetti & Helena Mooney


How To Reconnect With Your Child After You've F#@%*d Up

I bet you never realised just how angry & frustrated you could get before you had a child. 

Parenting is hard work!  Everyone loses it at their child sometimes, so please know that you're not alone and you're not a bad parent. 

The good news is that you can help your child heal afterwards and reconnect in fun ways.  You don't need to stay stuck in guilt, shame and regret.  

Join Chiara & Helena in this live, 2 hour online workshop, to discover:

  • Why you shout & lose your temper, despite your best intentions
  • How to help your child release fear and sadness so that you can repair your connection and heal your child's stress
  • What simple and fun things you can do with your child to bring playfulness back in your relationship
  • How to reduce the chances of you losing it again


  • Tailor-made, situation specific, attachment play ideas - just for you
  • Have the opportunity to share, receive personalised support and realise you're not alone when you hear others share too

Sunday 12 March

3pm WA / 5pm QLD / 5.30pm SA / 6pm NSW, VIC, TAS / 7am UK

The workshop will be divided into 2 sections:

  • Part One - Information and strategies (this will be recorded and sent to you after, even if you can't make it live)
  • Part Two - Opportunity for sharing and receiving personalised support and tailor-made play ideas (not recorded)

You will gain inspiration, strategies & support that are grounded in real life, are highly practical and really work!  

Chiara Rossetti

I'm an Aware Parenting Facilitator and have a 16 year old and 19 year old.  I have loved how Aware Parenting taught me that rupture in relationship is inevitable but that repair is always available and deeply reparative.

Attachment Play is an underrated tool for this as it gives us a way to deeply apologise, restore connection, foster forgiveness and recalibrate our relationships.  This concept has helped me alleviate shame and guilt and has allowed me to grow through healing my own blind spots and traumas.  

Helena Mooney

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor and a Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor, with over 13 years experience supporting parents.

As mum to a 14 and an 8 year old I have absolutely experienced losing my sh*t at my kids!  And I'm also experienced in turning those situations around by helping my children heal from stress, letting go of my own guilt, and being proactive in reducing the chance of me shouting again.  

"Chiara had me laughing so hard with my three year old the other day after she gave me fantastic play ideas! I’ve since noticed such a change in her and can’t wait for our next session.

I felt so seen and heard. I highly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking help on their parenting journey."

Sarah w


If you can't make it live, be sure to register so you will receive the recording of the information and strategies from Part One.

“Helena has helped me through what seemed like impossible parenting situations with each one of my three kids at various times.  She helps ground me...and provides knowledge to explain my children's sometimes confusing behaviours. 

I'm so grateful to have Helena in my life.  She helps me be the mum I want to be."