Repair after shouting at my kids – from grovelling apologies to confident reconnection – with Chiara Rossetti

If you've ever been stuck in the anger > guilt > shame cycle, then this episode is perfect for you.

Chiara Rossetti is an amazing Aware Parenting Mum and Instructor who shares how she has struggled with her feelings of frustration and rage with her children, and how she now uses playfulness to reconnect and repair after an outburst.

Key Points:

  • Healing & transformative power of play
  • Play can be easier than you think
  • Play is your child's language & is universal
  • Parenting doesn't need to be serious (and is better when it isn't!)
  • Play doesn't always feel natural - and that's OK
  • It's never too late to start playing with your child
  • You CAN reconnect and repair with your child - this will bring you confidence in your parenting
  • Teenagers are great! The power of Aware Parenting for the teenage years.

Join / Watch Online Workshop: REPAIR: How To Reconnect With Your Child After You've F#@%*d Up

  • Why you shout & lose your temper, despite your best intentions
  • How to help your child release fear and sadness so that you can repair your connection and heal your child's stress
  • What simple and fun things you can do with your child to bring playfulness back in your relationship
  • How to reduce the chances of you losing it again

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