5 days to


with your


Before We Start....

I’m so looking forward to kicking off 5 Days to Better Bedtimes with your Toddler from this Sunday.

Before we start, it’s always good to take stock of where you’re currently at:

  • Maybe you have a strict routine that you follow.
  • Maybe some evenings run smoothly and others are awful
  • Maybe you try to go with the flow 


So my invitation to you is to write it down - however briefly.  

When you write things down, it’s easier to gain clarity - to see what works & what doesn’t.  It’s also helpful to know where you’re starting from as a reference point.

Doesn’t have to be an essay(!), the purpose is to help you reflect on what’s currently going on.

CLICK HERE to download the worksheet 

When you’ve done that, now write out how you’d ideally like bedtimes to be.  


Again - this gives you the clarity of what you want so that you have a specific goal to work towards it.  Obviously you’d like your toddler to go to sleep really easily, but what does that actually look like for you?

Over the 5 days I’m going to be offering tangible ideas to implement that will help and so your goal may change a bit.  That’s fine.  

Just start off with what YOU want and then we can build on from there.

You’re not alone with this, so the more you share, the more others will too and you can learn from each other too.  

I’ll be back in touch on Sunday with the first step.  Until then, I look forward to hearing how things currently are & any ‘aha’ moments in our group.

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