#5: My Top 3 Games

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We can easily overcomplicate parenting. Play strips back the rules and enables us to enjoy our children and give them what they really need - which is primarily connection & the opportunity to release stress and upset feelings.

The games can be super simple, easy, quick & fun - you're probably playing them already, but now you know that it's great parenting!

Perfect times to play these games include:

  • daily: try to weave them into your daily interactions with your children
  • before you need your child to sit still & 'behave' for something such as a wedding, church service, long flight
  • when you notice your child is starting to go 'off-track' in their behaviour.



If you'd like to ask a question for me to answer in an episode, please submit a question here. If you're struggling with a particular challenge, it's guaranteed others are too, so don't be shy!

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