Take the struggle out of play and become the playful parent you really want to be


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6 Week Aware Parenting Program 

with Chiara Rossetti & Helena Mooney

The PLay CollectiVE

Taking the STRUGGLE Out of Play

Does your heart sink when your child asks you to "Play with me!"?

Do you feel sleepy all of a sudden?  Bored?  That you suddenly want to start tidying?  Or that you just can't face another minute of doing something sooooo mindless?

Even though you deeply love your child and know it's what you "should" be doing....

....it's still really, really hard to find it within yourself to play.

If that's you, we're so glad you're here.  You're in the right place.

Play is the thing that parents struggle with the most. You're not alone.

It's why we have created The Play Collective.  We're here to help you take the struggle out of play.  You don't need to figure things out on your own any more.

Help you and your family effortlessly THRIVE & have FUN together - from toddlers through to teens!

  • Become more playful in your day-to-day interactions
  • Feel confident, happy and fulfilled as a parent
  • Learn how to help your child, especially in those stressful moments
  • Witness your child's behaviour improving - their sleep improves, they're less argumentative, anxious and aggressive, are more loving, wanting to cooperate and are just a delight to be with
  • See your child becoming happier, more confident and connected to their true selves
  • Enjoy spending time together as a more harmonious, relaxed family 

We start 1 April 2023

Highly, highly recommend working with Helena.  She literally changed my life with my son.  I started working with her when he was around 4.  He's now 14!  

I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me.❤️


Chiara has helped me demystify play while untangling my resistance to it.

I felt so daunted by the idea of playing anything with my kids and I have loved her enthusiasm and guidance from the get go. 

I can now call myself a FUN MUM! 


Here's What's Waiting For You Inside The Play Collective for 6 Weeks

  • Weekly modules designed to help you dive deeper within yourself and give you the resources you need to become the connected, playful parent you want to be
  • Weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Empathy Support Sessions
  • Downloadable work book with journalling prompts for you to dive deeper emotionally, and stay on track with your day and week
  • All your questions answered inside the private Facebook Group of like-minded parents
  • Life-time access to the Program's Modules & Games

What We'll Be Covering Each Week


Your greatest desires for you and your family

When life feels hard, so does parenting and there's no way you could be playful.  So let's tap into what you really want for you and your family and create the life you actually want to live.  

If you don't yet know, don't worry - we've got you and will take you through a process to help you gain clarity and reclaim the joy in your parenting and life.

Because when you feel that, play comes naturally.


Looking at your beliefs, fears & ways you sabotage

What's getting in the way of you being playful?  There's always good reasons why you're finding it hard and chances are they're from your own childhood.  

So let's identify them, give them the attention they deserve and you'll notice how they'll start to shift.  

The heaviness will lift and you'll reconnect with your confident, playful, authentic self.

#3 PLAY!

Lots of games for all occasions

Taking the brain power out of play because it can be hard to think of play in the heat of the moment.  So we're looking forward to sharing a ton of simple, fun and often hilarious games you can play with your child.  You are all going to love them (including you!).

You'll learn games that are good all-rounders, as well as situation-specific gems. And they'll be easy to access for quick inspiration.

The more you dive into these, the more you'll see your child shift from grumpy & difficult, to delightful and easy.  


Integrating play with day to day practicalities

Now you're shifting your internal fears and sabotages, and you have a plethora of games to choose from, this module will show you how to apply them to common specific issues.

You can use play so effectively for challenges such as:

  • sleep
  • aggressive behaviour
  • separation anxiety
  • screens
  • new baby
  • sibling rivalry
  • picky eating
  • teeth brushing
  • getting dressed
  • repairing after shouting
  • etc

This program will help you with the practicalities of everyday life.


What to do with your feelings

How do you maintain a playful connection with your child?  By taking care of yourself.  We'll show you how you can feel resourced enough on an ongoing basis to want to connect and play with your child, even when times are tough.

And not only that, you'll get to experience that level of support too and help you to set it up so that you have it on an ongoing basis, after the program ends.


Fine tuning into confidence

You can start off all inspired and taking action and seeing amazing results.  And then a curve ball comes along such as criticism from your MIL, or a new challenging behaviour from your child, or your partner refusing to participate in this playful way of parenting.

Whatever comes up, we're on hand to help, so that by the end of these 6 weeks, you'll feel confident and resourced to be the playful parent you want to be.

You will gain inspiration, strategies & support that are grounded in real life, are highly practical, easy and really work!  


for just $69/month!

6 month instalment plan

Or pay $397 & SAVE!

14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

As much as we know this program will transform your parenting, we also know that you don't need any extra stress in your life.  So if you sign up and don't find it helpful, you can get your money back.

Simply email us within 14 days of the course starting and, after having participated in the first 2 weeks' Coaching Calls, we'll refund you - it's as simple as that!

“Helena has helped me through what seemed like impossible parenting situations with each one of my three kids at various times.  She helps ground me...and provides knowledge to explain my children's sometimes confusing behaviours. 

I'm so grateful to have Helena in my life.  She helps me be the mum I want to be." 




#1 - Relax as you listen to a powerful meditation to help you embody being a playful parent

#2 - Step into a vision of the life you want to create for you and your family as it drops into your sub-conscious so that it becomes clearer and more attainable.


Receive this simple yet powerful step-by-step guide to help you bring playfulness to any situation so that you're never stuck for play ideas ever again.


Audio characters Chiara has role played with her kids over many years.  Perfect to use when you can't think of your own, and to spark your own ideas.


Access the 1 hour workshop where you'll learn: 

  • Why you shout & lose your temper, despite your best intentions
  • How to help your child release fear and sadness so that you can repair your connection and heal your child's stress
  • What simple and fun things you can do with your child to bring playfulness back in your relationship
  • How to reduce the chances of you losing it again

About Us

Chiara Rossetti

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor and a Field Facilitator and have a 16 year old and 19 year old.  I have loved how Aware Parenting taught me that rupture in relationship is inevitable but that repair is always available and deeply reparative.

Attachment Play is an underrated tool for this as it gives us a way to deeply apologise, restore connection, foster forgiveness and recalibrate our relationships.  This concept has helped me alleviate shame and guilt and has allowed me to grow through healing my own blind spots and traumas.  

Helena Mooney

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor, a Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor, and a Life Coach, with over 13 years experience supporting parents.

I wasn't a naturally playful mum.  I didn't realise I was "allowed" to be!  And then I would often rather do anything else but sit down and play with my daughter.  Anything!

And yet I've learned how to play.  I've worked through my inner fears and triggers to be able to bring playfulness as my general way of being with my kids (I still get annoyed though sometimes!).  It's been one of the greatest gifts I've given my 14 & 8 year old children.  

"Chiara had me laughing so hard with my three year old the other day after she gave me fantastic play ideas! I’ve since noticed such a change in her.

I felt so seen and heard. I highly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking help on their parenting journey."

Sarah w


What Age Child Does This Apply To?

From toddlers, all the way to teens.  We are experienced in young and older children and we know the power of play for all of them.  Whatever the age of your child, we'll help you tap into your playfulness so that you can deeply connect, help them emotionally, and see their behaviour improve.  

Is the Play Always High Energy & Very Active? (I don't like that type of play)

No.  Although there will be a number of high energy, active games, we'll also include games that can be done lying or sitting down.  You don't have to be "on" all the time to be playful with your kids.  

If you have any particular constraints and would like specific play suggestions, we'll be on hand to offer tailor-made ideas throughout the 6 weeks.

How Long Can I Access the Program For?

You have life-time access to the program.  That means, that as long as this program is online, you can view it any time you want.

The private Facebook group will be available for just over 6 weeks where Chiara, Helena and the other members will be active and available for you.

There will be the opportunity to join future live rounds after this one, so you don't have to navigate all of this on your own. 

Do I Need to Have Experience with Aware Parenting or Hand in Hand Parenting?

No.  We're here to make playfulness easy for you.  So whether you have an understanding of the principles behind these parenting approaches or not, we'll be on hand to guide you through the info and processes to tap into your natural playfulness (it'll be fun!). 

What's The Difference Between the 2 Weekly Calls?

The Tuesday Call is your opportunity to ask questions and receive coaching & guidance from Chiara and Helena.  

The Thursday Call is your opportunity to dive deeper into what's going on for you emotionally.  This will be in smaller groups as we want you to be able to look at what you're finding hard and receive empathy so that parenting and play becomes easier for you.  

What If I Can't Make the Calls Live?

If you know you can't make it, we'd love for you to either post your question in the Facebook Group or email us directly so that we can answer you on the call.

The Tuesday Q&A Coaching Call will be recorded so you can watch at a convenient time afterwards.  

The Thursday Empathy Support Calls aren't recorded as this is your opportunity to dive deeper into what's going on for you emotionally.

Can I Come to the Calls if I'm Behind on the CourseworK?

YES!  There is no "behind" in The Play Collective.  We know how busy you are and this program is designed to be as fun and helpful for you as possible.  

You have life-time access to the program, so take your time and do what you can, and come along to the calls as much as you're able to.  We'd love to see you there whether you've done it all, or none of it - you'll still get value by being with the group.  

What Time Are the Calls?

Q&A Coaching Calls - Tuesdays 8pm NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, 7.30pm SA, 6pm WA, 11am UK, 6am EDT

Empathy Support Calls - Thursdays 8pm NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, 7.30pm SA, 6pm WA, 11am UK, 6am EDT