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"What I learned was empowering, life changing and has dramatically improved my relationship with my boys and their behaviour is much better." 

Improvements from Day 1!

I joined as a mum of 2 boys and I was finding I was just nagging and picking on them constantly.  I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with my boys - so the new way of looking at our relationships and dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'.

Right from the start of the program I noticed just how practical the information was - improvements from day 1!


I am feeling much more in control of my emotions and I now have strategies that are practical and easy to put into my day.

Rebecca  //  Mum to 2 boys 

It was amazing to see the transformation of our daughter

What's I've learned has completely changed my & my partners whole parenting journey for the better. 

It has affected my life in so many aspects.  I love how it keeps coming back to connection.  

I have since researched more on this style of parenting and absolutely love it! From the bonding perspective, psychological perspective and both the physical and emotional perspectives. 

I count my blessings I found this when I did otherwise I am not sure how I would be coping today.

Jenna  //  Mum to 3 year old girl & 1 year old boy

Create a strong parenting foundation with your child

I'm Helena Mooney & I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and an Aware Parenting Instructor.  I'm also mum to 2 children so I really understand how challenging bedtimes can be.  

When my eldest was a baby, I thought I was doing everything "right".  I carried her in a sling everywhere, breast-fed on demand, never let her cry, co-slept and minimised over-stimulation.

The problem was - she took AGES to fall asleep and woke frequently throughout the night.  I was completely exhausted.

When she was 10 months old I discovered Aware Parenting and everything changed.  I learned what was going on for her emotionally and how to best help her, without needing to 'train' her or leave her on her own

She started sleeping better.  Bedtimes were easier.  She was more settled and happier during the day.  I came out of that exhaustion fog.

And what was even better, was that I'd found a way that benefited her & our entire family as she became a toddler, went to pre-school and primary school.  I learned how her emotions governed her behaviour and found a respectful, effective way that helped when she had tantrums, got frustrated, angry or upset.  

I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and Aware Parenting Instructor with over 12 years experience.  I love supporting parents, just like you, to transform those everyday challenges we all need to deal with, in respectful, practical and effective ways.

I love incorporating play as part of the solution and have seen the powerful effects this has had for many parents on a wide range of issues.  

I'm also mum to a 12 year old girl & 6 year old boy, so am very familiar with the ongoing demands for screens!  Without this approach, I'd have been a much more overwhelmed & shouty mum.  So I'm really pleased to have discovered it (as are my children!) and I'm excited to bring this to you & your family too. 

I'm a single mum to my 12 year old boy, and am a qualified Primary School Teacher. I run parent and baby development classes and in 2020 I joined Helena in running The Lockdown Parenting Club supporting mums during the pandemic.

I've practised Aware Parenting for over 8 years and it's changed my life and relationship with my son in the best possible way. 

I'm so passionate about supporting parents raise their children with heart-felt connection, and I have lots of experience in helping my son with screens.