How to Help Your Kids with Sharing

Helping our kids share can be really stressful, can’t it?  I used to feel embarrassed when my daughter was little and would refuse to ‘be nice’ and share her toys.  Or would hold onto someone else’s toy when we were visiting friends.

There were times when I would forcibly take the toy from her, even though I knew it wasn’t the kindest or ‘best’ thing to do.

There were times when I would cajole her & probably even shame her into handing it over.

I simply didn’t know what to do, and I wanted to make sure my child was kind & generous and that I was seen to be ‘handling’ the situation by other parents.

So it was such a relief to find another way.

One where no one is shamed, or forced to give up something they’re playing with.

One where the child is trusted and the parent is able to help the upset child in a respectful & effective way.

No more timers, cajoling or embarrassment.  So watch here & find out how!

(and listen to the Aussie bush in the background!)

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