How to Be a More Playful Mum

If you find it hard to be playful with your child, then this episode is going to help.

Because it's hard!  And often you probably would rather do anything - anything! - than sit and play with your child one more time.....

Please know you're not alone and it's totally understandable.

And.....there are things you can do to become more playful.  It's not a case of you being that type of person, or not.

Playfulness is born AND made!  

In this episode I share something practical you can do that will help you to become more playful, so listen in and let me know what you end up doing!

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Chiara and I will
- take you through processes for you to uncover your playful side
- give you a lot of support to work through any blocks, fears or resistance
- offer you a ton of hilarious games ideas your children (AND you) with LOVE

Stop struggling and hoping that play will magically become easier.  I've received support over the years, and I'd love to offer the same to you in a more condensed, easy to follow way.  

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