Homeschooling in Lockdown – with Joss Goulden

With lockdowns being extended in Melbourne & Sydney as well as other parts of Australia, it's important we figure out the best way to help our children with their school work. This episode is going to help you to do just that.

Whilst lockdown parenting is nothing like normal homeschooling, in this episode I'm joined by Joss Goulden, an Aware Parenting Instructor who has homeschooled her children (her 18 year old son will be going to university next year).

Joss is so warm, down to earth and insightful in what your family needs to be able to navigate this challenging time with your kids.

You'll feel reassured and inspired how to make this lockdown experience as enjoyable and beneficial for you all

We cover:

  • what you can do to be able to help your kids
  • what you need to prioritise with your children to help them be able to learn better
  • how to help your child when they're being resistant to doing their work and having meltdowns
  • taking control of your child's learning - realising you can make choices and prioritise what's going to work for your family
  • how to integrate work with homeschooling your child
  • reassurance that your child is learning all the time, not just through worksheets
  • screens! how you can use them to your benefit and manage them with your kids

CLICK HERE to read Joss' lockdown learning article

You can contact her here: Website / Facebook / Instagram

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