Group Coaching

Of course you want to be playful and have fun with your kids.

Of course you don't want to shout at them

Of course you want to help them with their big feelings.


It can be really (really!) hard sometimes.

Especially when they're being super annoying, aggressive or highly anxious.

You can know all the strategies & games in the world, but if you're struggling, it's incredibly hard to put them into practice.

- It's hard to want to play when you're feeling so annoyed

- It's hard to bring a loving limit, instead of punishment

- It's hard to find your calm centre when everything is so chaotic around you

- And it's hard to remember the strategies you've learned when you've got a million other things to do and are feeling frazzled.

And now there's Christmas &/or the Summer holidays on their way and the craziness that they can bring.....!

So take a moment to reflect - what are you needing right now?  

What are you needing to be able to turn things around?

Welcome to 3 Weeks of Support 

3 weeks of inspiration

3 weeks of strategies & playful games

3 opportunities have some time & space - just for you

3 weeks of additional support to boost you in your parenting

So join me & a small group of other mums:

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls

- Training videos with information, inspiration & strategies

- Private Facebook Group & support

For just $147!

Our 3 weeks together starts Tuesday 26 November at 8.30pm Sydney & Melbourne / 8pm Adelaide / 7.30pm Brisbane / 9.30am UK 

Partnered with Helena's spectacular listening skills are her guidance skills for navigating this sensitive game of parenting.  She's led me through big and small problems with patience, compassion, love and perspective.




2 monthly instalments




I used to feel like I needed to entertain Otto all the time and I could never get anything done at home. Helena has helped me work through feelings of guilt about meeting my own needs as well as Otto’s.

Bringing in “Otto time” has been such an amazing tool and I don’t think I could have done it so successfully with out Helena’s support.  If I do need to set a limit Helena has helped me find the resources within myself to hold my ground and empathise and be there for Otto.  Using these practices has made our connection so strong and I have such a happy and delightful boy as a result!



If you haven't already done my main course, where I teach all the strategies and games, then you can gain access to Annoying to AMAZING! today for JUST $199!

- Group Coaching: $147

- Annoying to AMAZING!: $199 (usually $395)

TOTAL = $346



4 monthly instalments



SAVE $10

I just wanted to say a huge, big, thank you.   I have loved the course - it was exactly what I was looking for. I had that niggling mum feeling that something wasn't quite right and with your help I was able to delve in and allow my son to have some emotions. The change in me as a parent has been positive and the change in my son has been amazing.  

That amazing connection is such a gift and the best present I could give him so money very well spent.


I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with my boys - so the new way of looking at our relationships and dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'.

It was empowering, life changing and has dramatically improved my relationship with my boys and their behaviour is much better.  I am still learning... but feeling much more in control of my emotions and have strategies that are practical and easy to put into my day.


My husband and I watched ANNOYING To AMAZING and really loved it.

It provides a new perspective from which to understand our children’s behaviour, and provides ways to respond to challenging behaviour in a way which nurtures our relationship and our children’s development.  More often than not, we are able to see the meaning behind behaviours which once seemed exasperating and pointless, and using the simple yet powerful techniques provided are better able to support our children through challenges big and small.

If only our own parents had known about it!

We highly recommend ANNOYING to AMAZING to any parent, it is worth every cent!"


End the year with your kids on a high!  Register today.