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Discover how to help your child (aged 1 - 7) with aggressive behaviour, anxiety, bedtimes & more, by setting limits in a way that actually benefits them emotionally.

Find Out:

  • WHY your child is behaving the way they are 
  • HOW to help them at a deeper level with their emotions 
  • WHAT they need to be able to stop their challenging behaviour
  • THE fundamental mistake you need to STOP making
  • A NEW way of looking at limits that will transform everything! 

You'll learn proven, nurturing strategies that really work 

Wednesday 24 May

11 am UK / 6pm WA / 7.30pm SA / 8pm NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD 

(The replay will be available for a limited time after)

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"We saw results instantly

We started using the techniques Helena taught me during the webinar and saw results instantly. We are so glad we watched the Webinar and learnt from Helena, it literally changed our lives!"

 Sara // Mum to a 3 year old girl

"Their behaviour is much better

I was finding I was just nagging and picking on them constantly.  I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with them - so the new way of dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'

Rebecca // Mum to 2 boys aged 5 & 7

"My toddler is a lot calmer & happier

When I use the strategies that I learned from Helena he’s much easier to handle.    Helena has really made a difference with how I parent and has given me a new way to connect with my children 

Alma // Mum to a toddler & baby boy

About Helena Mooney

Learning how to set limits in the way I'll be sharing in the workshop, was an absolute game changer for me with my own children (now aged 14 & 8).  I had never heard of this perspective before, and it transformed my whole approach.  I loved knowing that I was helping my children at a deep level, whilst also making our everyday life much, much easier.  

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor and Parenting by Connection Instructor with over 13 years experience supporting mums, just like you, to feel confident again as a parent, to help their children thrive and to bring more ease, laughter, and connection to their families.

What I'll be sharing in this workshop is trauma-informed, grounded in real life and highly practical.  It's also incredibly effective in transforming all those challenging behaviours which are probably driving you nuts! 

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Transform your child's behaviour with these nurturing and loving limits. 

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