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THe secret to helping Your Baby Sleep Better 

This transformative workshop will reveal the single most important factor that's missing from sleep advice, so that you can help your baby sleep better WITHOUT leaving them to cry on their own

You'll discover:

  • The main reason WHY your baby isn't sleeping well even though they're close to you
  • What your baby is REALLY needing to be able to sleep for longer
  • Why you DON'T need to stop breastfeeding to get a good night's sleep
  • How to help your baby sleep better WITHOUT training them to sleep without you
  • A new approach that helps your baby (& you!) sleep better, be more settled during the day and strengthen your connection
  • You'll leave feeling clear, confident and ready to help your baby sleep better in a deeply connected, effective way

Wednesday 10 November, 12.30pm AEDT

(Limited replay available)

Wednesday 3 November, 12.30pm, AEDT  

(Limited replays available)

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I was in a desperate place

I started working with Helena because of sleep and continued because it changed the way I saw my baby’s emotions.

She opened my eyes to a new way of connecting with my baby, myself and everyone around me.  I connected more with him, I enjoyed him more, I connected more with myself and my partner and yes, better sleep followed pretty quickly.


I count my blessings I found Helena when I did otherwise I’m not sure how I would be coping today.

My daughter was absolutely terrible at napping during the day.   I was so exhausted and felt as though I could not catch a break.

Searching for a solution I came across Helena which has resulted in my daughter sleeping for 2 hour blocks at nap times and lengthy blocks at night.  Her feeding improved drastically and reduced some of her wind problems.

From the bonding, psychological, physical and emotional perspectives - I absolutely love this style of parenting!

This transformative workshop will reveal the secret to helping your baby sleep better WITHOUT leaving them to cry on their own.

Perfect if you're co-sleeping or following a gentle, attachment approach. 

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12.30pm Wednesday 10 November (Sydney / Melb time)

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