Christmas Holidays

Parenting Masterclass

Online Masterclass, Tuesday 14 December

8.30pm NSW, VIC, TAS, 8pm SA, 7.30pm QLD, 7pm NT, 9.30am UK

Have a Christmas that's fun for your kids AND for you by knowing how to best help your child/ren with their challenging behaviour.

WITHOUT punishments, shouting or bribery

(you don't need 'Elf on the Shelf' or to ensure your kids are "nice" for Santa) 

Leave feeling inspired and confident by knowing how to help your children with their emotions and behaviour over this busy festive season.

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Christmas is ideally a time of harmony, family fun and love.  However, the reality is often very different!

There's SO much pressure for everyone to have a great time, to behave, and to all get along, that usually the reverse happens and your kids:

- get more fractious
- play up worse than usual
- turn bedtimes into a nightmare
- squabble & lash out at their siblings
- completely refuse to be helpful
- compare their presents with their sibling's and complain that "it's not fair"
- can be ruder, including to their grandparents & other family members
- have more meltdowns and emotional outbursts

And you run yourself ragged trying to keep everyone happy - putting out emotional fires at every turn and ending up shouting waaaaay more than you ever wanted.

Feelings of overwhelm, frustration & disappointment surface and quite frankly, you can feel over-it.

Because it's not how you imagined Christmas would be with your children.   

And you can start to wonder if your kids are becoming "spoiled" or what you may have done wrong.  

So this Christmas, discover a way that will help preserve your sanity, improve your kids' behaviour, and increase your chance of all having much more fun!


  • Why "Elf on the Shelf" or Father Christmas rewards or consequences aren't the answer to helping your children behave better
  • How to best manage tantrums & how to reduce the chances of them happening
  • The best way to help your child want to be helpful with all the jobs that need to be done
  • How to reduce your chances of shouting these holidays
  • Ways to make Christmas so much easier & more fun for everyone

This Masterclass is perfect if your children are aged between 1 - 9 years old.

"I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with my boys - so the new way of looking at our relationships and dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'.  

It has dramatically improved my relationship with my boys and their behaviour is much better." 


Mum to 2 boys, aged 4 & 6

"Helena provides a new perspective from which to understand our children’s behaviour, and provides ways to respond to challenging behaviour in a way which nurtures our relationship and our children’s development."


Mum to 6 year old boy & 4 year old girl

Feel confident knowing how to best help your family really relax and ENJOY this festive season.

Ensure there's more harmony, cooperation, connection & fun again!

About Helena Mooney

I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and Aware Parenting Instructor and I love supporting parents, just like you, who want to develop a strong relationship with their children and to help them without using punishments, rewards or Time Out, whilst also wanting family life to run smoothly & enjoyably.

My approach is practical, down to earth, deeply connecting, emotionally supportive, fun & playful.

I'm also mum to a 12 year old girl & 6 year old boy and I'm so grateful to have discovered how to best navigate parenting using the techniques we'll be sharing in this workshop - with my own children, and with those parents I support. 

Tuesday 4 December 

8.30pm NSW, VIC, TAS, 8pm SA, 7.30pm QLD, 7pm NT, 9.30am UK

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