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Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour

Do you ever wonder why your child does the things they do?
Why they are fine one minute, and then hitting their sibling the next.
Why they come home and kick the dog.
Why they refuse to do what you ask them to do something they were happy to do the day before.

In this episode I’ll explain what’s really going on for your child, so that you can then understand what your child is actually needing In order to transform their behaviour.

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Something I Want You To Know

Would you describe your child as ‘strong willed’? Probably!

Children have a strong & innate desire for self-autonomy – to do what they want & be how they want to be. Which is fantastic for later in life as they’re needing to make decisions out in the world, but it means they can be very hard to live with for you as their parent!

So how can you help your child to retain their valuable sense of who they are and what they want whilst also creating more ease and cooperation in everyday life?

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When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

This can be an incredibly overwhelming time! You’re home, with your kids 24/7 – trying to work, to help your older kids with school work, to entertain your younger kids, to stop sibling fights, to cook, keep the house in some sort of order, stay in contact with family & friends, etc, etc.

The more overwhelmed you feel, the more your kids play up and the more overwhelmed you feel!

So why do your kids play up the most when you need to do other things? And what can you do to get out of the overwhelm, frustration & inevitable shouting that then ensues? Listen in to find out.

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Saying “No” & Setting Limits

Do you sometimes feel like you’re walking on eggshells with your child? Do you want to be quite relaxed with your child, and then end up getting frustrated, cross and being harsh in your limits? Or are you not quite sure the best way to foster your child’s sense of independence, curiosity and freedom whilst also restoring sanity and order to your family? Find out how to set a “Loving Limit” and say no to your child in a way that’s respectful, loving and effective.

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How important is it to ‘be consistent’?

We’re often told it’s vital to be consistent in our responses to our children’s behaviour so that they learn what’s acceptable and what’s not. But how helpful actually is it? Should it be your main approach when dealing with challenging behaviour?

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How to Make Christmas More Fun For Your Kids AND For You

How can you make Christmas more fun for you, your kids and your family? Here’s my list of what you can proactively do:Schedule moments of connection with your children each dayIt’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of this time of year.  You’ve got so much on your plate to do & organise, so […]

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Why Babies & Children Resist Bedtimes & What Can You Do?

It can be so infuriating when you know that your baby or child is tired and yet they just won’t go to sleep! Maybe they become hyper at bedtime, or maybe they keep asking for more & more things to delay going to sleep, or maybe they become really challenging and get annoyed or upset over […]

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Why your child gets upset about seemingly insignificant things

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or SpotifyEver wondered why your child has the biggest upsets over the tiniest of things?!Why they become so fixated about a particular coloured plate, or a particular toy, or to have something in a particular way.  Why they have a massive cry that’s disproportionate to what’s actually going on […]

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