How to Help your Crying Baby

Babies cry – a lot!  And we do pretty much everything we can to get them to stop – rocking, shushing, patting, singing, white noise, dummies – ANYTHING that will get them to just stop crying. Because we hate the thought of our innocent little baby being upset.  We hate not knowing why they’re crying.  We […]

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Why Our Kids Become Aggressive

My beautiful little boy has become aggressive & annoying.  He’s roaring like a lion at everyone, hitting out at his friends and threw a train at another child’s head at playgroup this week.  Marvellous…… How are yours?  Are any of them acting up & lashing out?  It’s bloody irritating isn’t it?! George is 2 years & […]

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Should You Make Your Child Say Sorry?

When your child does something ‘mean’ to another – especially if they’re young – what do you do?  It can be so tempting to force them to say ‘Sorry”, can’t it?  After all, we want our children to:- learn to be kind to others- realise the impact of their actions- feel remorse- not do the […]

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How to Transform Violent Games with your children

Recently my 3.5 year old son was trying to ‘kill’ me with his pants. Hmm – never thought that would be sentence I’d write, but hey, that’s being a parent! We were playing a mini chasing game on the bed as I was trying to get him changed when he grabbed his pants (undies) from […]

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How to Help Your Kids with Sharing

Helping our kids share can be really stressful, can’t it?  I used to feel embarrassed when my daughter was little and would refuse to ‘be nice’ and share her toys.  Or would hold onto someone else’s toy when we were visiting friends. There were times when I would forcibly take the toy from her, even though […]

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“Go Away Mummy!”

Has your child ever told you to go away?  Actually, have they shouted it at you?!  And probably whilst you’re trying to get close to them to help them when they were upset or getting angry over something? When my daughter used to shout it at me, I wasn’t really sure of the best way […]

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