Why your child gets upset about seemingly insignificant things

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Ever wondered why your child has the biggest upsets over the tiniest of things?!

Why they become so fixated about a particular coloured plate, or a particular toy, or to have something in a particular way.  

Why they have a massive cry that's disproportionate to what's actually going on in the moment.

Chances are you react in one of these 2 ways:
- try to fix the problem and offer alternatives - often becoming increasingly frantic to placate your child
- tell them to not be so silly and to just get on with it - often becoming increasingly irritated and dismissive

You've probably done both at some point or another.

So listen to this week's episode to understand what's actually going on in those moments and what you can do instead.

And I'd love to hear what little things your children become upset over.  For my daughter, it was the wrong coloured plate!  Come over to Facebook and let me know.

If you'd like help with your emotions & feelings towards your children, including receiving great parenting strategies, book in a consultation with me.

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