Do bedtimes take f o r e v e r ....?

Do you follow the dinner, bath, bed routine only for your child to become hyper and resist going to sleep?

Is bedtime something you dread because it’s such a long drawn out affair and your whole evening is just gone?

Or do you delay it to late at night so they can go to bed with you just so you can get things done in the evening (even though you have zero time to yourself)?

Maybe you hate the idea of sleep training, but your baby or child will not fall asleep easily, you're exhausted and something needs to change. 
(PS - this is NOT sleep training)

Or maybe what worked when they were a baby just isn't working any more and you really don't know what to do instead. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then 4 days to better bedtimes is for yOU!

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Each day, for 4 days, I'll email you access to a short video with a strategy you can try out that night. 

All the strategies are practical, simple and often FUN!  

They're all designed to help strengthen your connection with your child and to help them with their emotions.  

The more you do this, the better they will sleep.  


"First full night's sleep last night in years!"


we  had one of the best nights of sleep in my daughter's life...and my partner got her to sleep for the first time ever! " (Ariana)

Who Am I?

I'm Helena Mooney and I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and an Aware Parenting Instructor.  I'm also mum to 2 children so I really understand how challenging bedtimes can be.  

The strategies are all what I use with my own kids as well as supporting parents with their families. 


They're respectful, practical and highly effective and I look forward to sharing them with you.

4 days to better bedtimes - it really IS possible! 

Sign up today for just $29