Help your Baby Sleep Better & Be More Settled

Friday 15 November, 2019:  10am - 12pm

Beaches Baby, Freshwater

There are so many parenting books & approaches that focus purely on getting your baby to sleep better.

But when you look at what’s going on for your baby overall and you help them with that, then better sleep naturally follows.

Discover how to strengthen your attachment, meet your baby’s physical and emotional needs and help them to be more settled during the day and sleep better at night.

Understand why your baby is still upset, even when you’ve done everything physically possible to stop them from crying

- Discover the secret to helping your baby sleep - without the need for sleep training or carrying them all the time

- Learn how to stop your baby from hitting, biting or scratching

- Reduce stressful car trips with your baby screaming in their capsule or seat

- Help your baby manage separations better at day care or with babysitters

Leave feeling more confident about helping your baby with their physical and emotional needs to create a beautiful foundation for as they grow into thriving toddlers and beyond.