The Baby Sleep


It's time for you & your baby to get more sleep

You have a gorgeous baby who you love them more than anything in the world.

And....you'd also love them to sleep better.

Because yes, you know that babies are meant to wake in the night to feed.  Yes, you know their tummies are small and it'll be a while before they completely sleep through the night.

But you also know that, once they're no longer a newborn, they don't need to wake up every hour or so to feed.

And you also know that you can't keep on going like this, trying everything you can, but still not getting enough sleep.

Maybe you're going back to work, needing to care for other children, or maybe you're so exhausted it's affecting your mental health & ability to function properly.

Whatever the reason,
something needs to shift.

You're clear on what you DON'T want to do

You don't want to sleep train your baby by leaving them on their own.

If you're exclusively breastfeeding, you don't want to introduce formula just to get them to sleep.  

But both of these options could be looking increasingly attractive right now because you. just. need. some. more. sleep.

So Welcome to
The Baby Sleep Revolution!

Welcome to the way that doesn't need you to spend hours rocking, shushing and feeding your baby to sleep each nap or bedtime sleep, only for them to wake up frequently throughout the night.

Welcome to the way that doesn't require you to leave your baby on their own to learn to sleep by themselves.

Welcome to the way where you can strengthen your connection with your baby, meet their physical & emotional needs AND get more sleep.  

There IS a third way - one that's compassionate, connected and effective.

And this is what The Baby Sleep Revolution is all about!

Helping your baby or child to sleep better is not down to the perfect “magic” routine.  It’s not about rigid consistency or even the temperature of the room.

Instead it’s about what’s actually going on for you & your baby.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Why your baby is resisting sleep 
  2. What they're really needing
  3. Why most sleep advice isn't effective
  4. How play can help your baby sleep better
  5. An important reason why your baby is crying & why this is good
  6. How to best respond to your crying baby that will help them to be more settled during the day and sleep better at night
  7. How to strengthen your baby's attachment with you
  8. Ways to create a solid foundation for parenting your baby as they turn into toddlers and beyond....

This video series will revolutionise how you view your baby’s needs, how to respond to them and how to help your baby sleep much, much better.  

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We start on Monday 6 July

"I started working with Helena because of sleep and continued because it changed the way I saw my baby’s emotions.

I connected more with him, I enjoyed him more, I connected more with myself and my partner and yes, better sleep followed pretty quickly.”



"My daughter was absolutely terrible at napping during the day.   I was so exhausted.

Searching for a solution I came across Helena it has resulted in my daughter sleeping for 2 hour blocks at nap times and lengthy blocks at night.  

I count my blessings I found Helena when I did otherwise I’m not sure how I would be coping today.”


About Helena

I'm Helena Mooney and I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and an Aware Parenting Instructor.  I'm also mum to 2 children so I really (really!) understand how challenging bedtimes can be.  

When my eldest was a baby, I thought I was doing everything "right".  I carried her in a sling everywhere, breast-fed on demand, never let her cry, co-slept and minimised over-stimulation.  

The problem was - she took AGES to fall asleep and woke frequently throughout the night.  I was completely exhausted.

When she was 10 months old I discovered Aware Parenting and everything changed.  I learned what was going on for her emotionally and how to best help her.  She started sleeping better.  Bedtimes were easier.  She was more settled and happier during the day.  I came out of that exhaustion fog.

And what was even better, was that I had found a way that was to benefit her & our entire family as she became a toddler, went to pre-school and primary school.  I learned how her emotions governed her behaviour and so I could help when she had tantrums, got frustrated, angry or upset.  

When my son was born 6 years later, it was amazing the difference when I knew how to help him sleep better from birth, in ways that were compassionate, respectful & strengthened our connection.  

My children are now 11 & 5 years old, and what I learned then continues to apply now.  The lessons you'll learn will last a life-time.

Parenting our babies is much more than just training them to sleep.  When we can help them emotionally, sleep naturally follows.


This approach is incredibly respectful, practical and highly effective

The Baby Sleep Revolution!