“How Aware Parenting helped me be better at my job” – with Caroline Ryan

Aware Parenting is more than just a technique of being with our babies & children.  It's a way of connecting with them based on a deep understanding of their needs, which not only helps with helping your children, but also relating with your colleagues at work too.

In this episode Caroline Ryan, who has 2 young boys and now works full time, shares how her change in understanding of her son's behaviour & needs has improved her interactions with her co-workers in the office and her career as a whole.

Want more help with your baby?  

  • Understand your baby's emotional needs so that they sleep better & are more relaxed during the day
  • Discover why your baby is crying so you know what they really need
  • Reduce the stress of car trips by helping your baby be more content in the car
  • Understand how play helps babies from a young age so you can have more fun together

Develop a solid base as a parent so you can confidently support your baby as they grow into rambunctious toddlers and beyond....

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