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Welcome to Day 3

How was last night?  Did you have fun playing?  How was your toddler afterwards?  How did you feel?

Today we’re going to continue with the playful theme because teeth cleaning can be a struggle with young children.

It’s often something they don’t like doing, but obviously they need to for their own benefit.  Which means it can turn into a battle of wills - where you end up forcing them to clean their teeth, or you give up.

One of the reasons for this is that, by the end of the day, they have had plenty of times when they have had to do things they don’t want to do.  So this can become the opportunity to protest.

Feeling powerless can lead your toddler to become uncooperative, aggressive and anxious.  So today’s game is a brilliant way to help turn this around.

Remember - the more they laugh, the more stress they’re releasing which is going to help them go to sleep better.

WATCH today’s video to find out more.

And if teeth-cleaning isn’t an issue, still watch it because the principles will apply to whatever ‘battle’ you’re having with your toddler.

What's your current challenge?

Find a way to PLAY with your child to help offload the tension for both of you & bring laughter to the situation.

Enjoy & be sure to let me know how you’re going in our Facebook group.  Plus, if you play any other types of games, come & share to inspire others!

Chat to you again tomorrow



Remember - if they get upset at any time, this is actually a GOOD thing.  We’re going to be talking about in our Masterclass:

Tears & Tantrums - The Missing Piece 

this Wednesday, 7 August at 12pm. 

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