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Welcome to Day 2

Have you been able to move things around slightly to give you more time?  I hope so.

Because today I’m going to suggest you to ditch the calm & the quiet that you’ve probably been told you have to have before bedtime in order to make your toddler feel sleepy.

Instead, I’m going to invite you to PLAY!

Rambunctious, lively, hilarious play!  

Obviously, if your toddler is already quiet, calm & sleepy, then there’s no need to hype them up.  But chances are your toddler suddenly becomes hyper around this time  - jumping on the bed, wanting you to chase them whilst they’re in the nude, etc, etc.  

You want to connect with your toddler where they’re at.

Laughter is also a fantastic stress release so the more they laugh, the more stress they’re releasing.  Same for you too!

So, especially if things start to go pear-shaped around 5pm - the classic ‘witching hour’ - bring play, have a laugh and connect this way.  

Your 'homework' today is to PLAY with your child for at least 10 minutes at bedtime

Your toddler will LOVE it!  

You don’t need to play all night or until they magically fall asleep.  10 minutes can be enough.

And then you can carry on with what you usually do.  You’ll probably find that they’re much more cooperative and easier to have their teeth cleaned & get ready for bed.

It’s a fantastic stress release for you too and helps to offload the inevitable frustration you’re feeling about bedtimes too.

And if they’re not happy at the end of it - if they end up crying - that’s OK.  And that’s what we’re going to be talking about in our Masterclass this Wednesday, 7 August at 12pm. 

So, ENJOY!  

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