#18: When You Don’t Like Your Child

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It's a hard thing to admit that you currently don't like your child.  There can be a huge amount of shame associated with it, and strong feelings that you "shouldn't" feel that way.  After all, you're their mum or dad - you're the one person in the world who "should" love & like them the most!

It's important to remember that your feelings are important, just like your children's feelings are important.

The more you overlay "shoulds" or judgement on top of your feelings, the harder it becomes to shift them.  

And when you're in the cycle of shame or self-judgement, the feelings generally get worse, as does your response to your child!

So what can you do instead?  How can you help to shift those feelings of annoyance, frustration and dislike in a healthy way that's going to dramatically impact your relationship with your child for the better?

Listen the this week's episode the find out how, and to hear how I recently worked through my feelings of dislike & frustration with my own daughter. 

If you'd like help with your emotions & feelings towards your children, including receiving great parenting strategies, book in a consultation with me.

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