#11: The Bigger Picture: Lessons from My Appearance at a Parliamentary Inquiry

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Do you feel valued as a mother? What are you wanting for your children? What are you wanting for yourself?

Big questions. Ones that are worth asking & considering.

And ones that I spent time reflecting upon after my experience on Monday of being a witness at a Parliamentary Inquiry at the NSW State Parliament.

For nearly the past 5 years I've been advocating for good public maternity services at our new privately-run public/private hospital. It's been a hard slog, so to have the opportunity on Monday to be officially heard by a Parliamentary Committee is fantastic. (you can see the back of my head in this picture whilst I was being questioned).

Spending the day there, in such an environment of power & politics, led me to reflect on many things - especially the value placed on us women as mothers, the inequity of female representation in positions of power, the impact of helping our children with their upset feelings, and how important it is to own our anger and to channel it effectively for positive change.

So this week's podcast is a bit different to past episodes and looks at parenting from a bigger picture point of view.

I hope you find it interesting & thought provoking. It's important that we talk about these issues more so that we can start to effect change, and that we can recognise our own individual contribution to this change through the way we parent our children.

So listen to this week's episode and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you'd like to ask a question for me to answer in an episode, please submit a question here. If you're struggling with a particular challenge, it's guaranteed others are too, so don't be shy!

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