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Helena's approach is practical, honest and nurturing.

I was at my wits end with my 3 yr olds tantrums and exhausting behaviour. I used to see tantrums as a negative thing.

Now, from doing Helena's course I really understand why tantrums happen and not only that, but I've also learned how to 'be' with my son in these moments.

Thanks Helena for caring and sharing. Eoin thanks you too for teaching me how to be a better more connected mum. x

Susan - son aged 3

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to deal with issues without punishment.

We joined the course as at times, my husband and I are struggling with our 6-year old strong will child. I enjoyed Annoying to AMAZING! from the very first day. There are plenty of examples from Helena's real life which makes the course seem like a friendly chat among friends with the same parenting problems. It also made me feel I'm not alone in the universe and there is a way to overcame struggles.

You will get help and it's easy to follow. And bonus for us, it was a course that both my husband and I could follow in the same time, and practice together. We do feel like less annoying and more amazing parents

Ina - daughter aged 6

I wish all parents could have access to this course. It was a lifesaver.

I joined A2A as I was having difficulty with my daughter around sleep, separation anxiety and biting me.

It has truly made my parenting style fun, easier to tackle behaviours and I'm more relaxed and enjoying it rather than being up tight, angry and resentful.

Amelia - daughter aged 1

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